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At The Real State Property Investment you will find trust and feel comfortable with your investment; a part from that, our team it is the most kind and professional, ready to do any of your needs.

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If you are here, means you are special, Welcome to the first virtual property-real estate investment, private and secure management company of The Colombian Coffee Region (Spanish: El Eje Cafetero), also known as the Coffee Triangle CompraRenta S.A.S.

With nearly 200 hundred properties owned by the company all around these three beautiful cities and more than hundred own by our investors so far, this is way we are on the top of any real estate.

Also, for having the best law property firm, experience and specialise solicitors on land investment of the Coffee Axis, that just gives as the advantage to be unbitable, to move fast and forward on the market compared to others.

Without not forgotten the rest of the people that also plays part working hard and simply doing the best they can on our day to day Life to improve our performance and quality.

Real State Property Investment specialized on looking for honest and untouchable investors all around the world, providing completely privacy and security to our customer’s. We also provide a Safety Box service as required, to keep any documents so other things on safety. Our web can be translated in multiple languages and most of our solicitors speak English and Spanish.

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Caldas Quindío, Risaralda



Property Investment.

Invest at the property market, you will get and ensure safe income that increase the pot of your retirement.


Luxury Investment.

The best weather, views, fauna, food, gently people and the fresh air in the world.


Land Investment.

It is like a piggy bank or build, plant your own coffee and live happily ever after.


Fixed Tittle Investments.

Stop throwing your money on something that you cannot see, get real, get physically, get warranty; we are waiting for you to joint us to the Property Market Empire.


Share Investment.

Together we will split the richness that we deserve.


Charity Investor.

We got heart and you must have one with us you can help the Charity of your wishes and keep your investment intact


Loan Mortgage Monthly Profit Plus Plan.

We got different types of Mortgages in Colombia,
this give us the opportunity to provide loans to our customer, some of them us little of US$5.000 to US$1’000.000


Mortgage Investment.

We have the best competitive interest rate at the Colombia market, we invite you to be part on such a good guaranty investment, open arms for you the customer

Why Choose Us

We are the only company in the world that works from a budget as little of a thousand dollars to any bigger amount; this means that anyone can invest with us and profit from it, secure and without any risk what so ever.

Qualified Expert

Our site is on by CompraRenta SAS with NIT 901456030-7 and Landlord number 285 which is the most important and secure property invest company in Colombia.

Flexible Schedule

Thanks to our system and the way we do things we are able to offer unbeatable services at any time.

Quality Professionals

The best professional like solicitors, software engineer, telecommunication engineer, public relation, and so many others. We got a team that can not be over past by no one.

Plans to choose

Your money will be safe, the best variety prices you can choose according to your pocket, and we are the only company in the world that provide 100% confidentiality.

Best profit in the market:

The Colombian FTSE All Share jumped from the 63rd to 29th position in the world which indicate that the economy is getting better and better day by day and means that any property investment will double it through the years, this is 50% profit; great and unbeatable nowhere else plus 0.4% from the initial investment every month you will get if you put it to let.

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Here’s What Our Client Say about Us

“I am just a normal worker with very little savings comprarenta was the only one that give me the opportunity to make money with a small amount ”

Anna Patricia
Great customer service I have a problem with some documents and the employees continued helping me to fix the issue. They are so patient workers and professional.
I have spent more than 2 years looking for a property from around the world with no luck whatsoever. It took only 2 weeks for CompraRenta to find the property I was looking for, with in a country I never imagine!!!
I was little bit scared to invest in a country with such reputation I went there, and I found out that it was completely different than what you hear so I decided to buy a property, now I saving to buy a second one
icon person Laurent
My family wanted to have a holiday property in paradise they help us found it; now my kids want to live there for good, I have to say they are the best
icon person Amelia
I am millionaire, but I believe that nothing is for free with Comprarenta I am allow to help a charity of my wish and at the same time conserve a property as an investment
icon person Kevin
Bought a property to let, so far I have not problem at all I received the profit of my rent every month with no delay they are very responsible
icon person Chloe


Thanks to our network between CompraRenta and MujerWoman so others; we can offer the best quality and secure services on our Invest Plans. If you would like to know more about our network, please click on the logos.

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