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Welcome to our Wealth Plans, where your money will be secure and safe with us. We are a company specialised and dedicated to invest on property in one of the wonders of our beautiful planet earth, among the advantages of investing and living in the Coffee Axis or The Colombian Coffee Region (Spanish: El Eje Cafetero), also known as the Coffee Triangle is a part of the Colombian Paisa region in the rural area of Colombia. It is positioned as one of the preferred destinations to acquire housing in Colombia. Being a region that offers everything, it is ideal to enjoy the years of retirement from work life, for those looking for a property or their families to settle in such a lovely place. Also famous for growing and producing the majority of Colombian coffee, considered by the experts to be the best coffee in the world.

The location has healthy surroundings and a very suitable environment to live, all that possible thanks to the geographical location at the entire coffee region (Caldas, Quindío and Risaralda), with excellent coverage of telecommunications, utilities, etc., that support the entire commercial and residential triangle, offering the best quality to tourist and citizens of the area.

The tropical climate provides an environment where a spring climate prevails for the whole year with temperatures ranging from 18 to 28 degrees Celsius. It presents an area of great altitude for agricultural and livestock production; it also presents a diversity of flora and fauna that you cannot just see anywhere else on the planet, these allow the region to have an excellent landscapes and very healthy breathing conditions for fun, live and joy.

  1. Property Investment.
  2. Luxury Investment (Villas, Penthouses, Mansions, Posh Flats and others).
  3. Land Investment (Plot of Land).
  4. Fixed Tittle Investments (Silver, Gold, Emerald and Dimond).
  5. Share Investment (part us part investor)
  6. Charity Investment
  7.  Loan mortgage monthly profit plus plan
  8. Mortgage Plan

1. Property Investment

At the Coffee Axis you will have so many options to choose from these departments Caldas, Quindio or Risaralda and pending on the amount that you are willing to invest, starting from US$35.000 dollars, up to your wish limit, we will help you get the perfect property price that you are looking for.

Invest From

Then after we get full possession of the property, it will be put on rent in to the market, that way you will start receive profits and also the increase of the value that you invest initially on it, year by year.

All this can be managed by us, with complete privacy and professionalism. We can also offer you a fixed rent from the start as you wish if prefer.

Property Investment will benefit your future!

Invest at the property market, you will get and ensure safe income that increase the pot of your retirement

2. Luxury Investment

(Villas, Penthouses, Mansions, Posh Flats and others)

In the middle of paradise there are hundreds of luxury properties to choose for, do not delay if you want to start leaving the way you deserve, invest right now in order to start joying, please remember that the value of your property will be increasing year by year and that you will have us, for back up to provide any help on managing as you require by your excellence.

Beauty with minimalism build

The best weather, views, fauna, food, gently people and the fresh air in the world.

3. Land Investment

(Plot of Land)

With three wonderful cities to choose from or simply out of the city surroundings there are plenty of opportunities for this kind of investment which has been proving that it is popular and less risking for some investors due to the very high return on value truth the years and the easy way to manage without many inconveniences.

Also, you can bill the house of your dreams in such a mystic and wonderful place to live or just for holidays.

Plot to grow

It is like a piggy bank or build, plant your own coffee and live happily ever after

4. Fixed Tittle Investments

(Silver, Gold, Emerald and Dimond)

With our Title Investment all you have to do, is give us the money seat and rest, just let us do the hard work for you. This is a guaranty investment where you can invest as little of one thousand dollars to a million dollars.

Example: of a Thousand American Dollars.

One-year fixed title example US$1.000 dollars, after one year US$1.060 guaranty return to any Bank Account or International Money Transfer around the world with all the privacy that you deserve.

Two years fixed title example US$1.000 dollars, after two years US$1.144 guaranty return to any Bank Account or International Money Transfer around the world with all the privacy that you deserve.

Five years silver fixed title example US$1.000 dollars, after five years US$1.420 guaranty return to any Bank Account or International Money Transfer around the world with all the privacy that you deserve.

Ten years gold fixed title example US$1.000 dollars, after ten years US$1.960   guaranty return to any Bank Account or International Money Transfer around the world with all the privacy that you deserve.

Do not risk!

Stop throwing your money on something that you cannot see, get real, get physically, get warranty; we are waiting for you to joint us to the Property Market Empire

5. Share Investment

(part us part investor)

We understand that some people want to invest in property, but they don’t have the enough amount of money.

With us you don’t have to worry about it, because we are willing to buy with you us a partner, pending on the amount that runs from as little of US$10,000 up to your wish of invest, these shares percentage will be reflected on the Colombian property register (Certificate of Tradition and Liberty), also the profits from rent will be divide according to the share from each part.

Remember that in Colombia there are not leases when you buy a property what you get it is a leasehold forever and ever and if you died the heritage will pass on and on and on.

Be my partner

Together we will split the richness that we deserve

6. Charity Investment

The investor buys a property for rent, and the profits will go to the charity of yours preference. Remember that property will increase in value through the years, this will make you a winner plus you will also be helping a good charity course at the same time.

You can also donate the profits to MujerWoman.com which is a website magazine sponsors by CompraRenta S.A.S our owner.

If you wish to support or donated  MujerWoman.com this money will be used to help with accommodation and food for woman and children that are suffering persecution and violence from their husband (father), partners or bad society.

We got heart and you must have one

With us you can help the Charity of your wishes and keep your investment intact

7. Loan mortgage monthly profit plus plan

Simple and easy we got many property owners looking for a loan, the investor will provide the money with a mortgage guaranty call (Hipoteca de Primer Grado) in this case the owner will start due monthly payments on interest only, we deduct a monthly commission for running and managing your investment (Hipoteca de Primer Grado).

The investor can choose, to do it directly by popsy or by our private company Title.

If the person that took the loan stop paying at any time, our solicitors will start the proceed to recover the money, by the Colombian law the owner it is force to sale the property in auction to pay the loan, this is controlled by the Colombian authorities and this procedure can take between 1 to 2 years, to be approve but after the sale the full amount of money plus the interest will be given back.

How much we charge; every loan is different, the interest varied from 1.6% to 2.3% and we charge 20% of the monthly payment for the numbers of years that the person takes to pay off, usually between it takes from 1 to 5 years limit.


The investor provides US$ 10.000 dollars for the mortgage (Hipoteca de Primer Grado) on 1.6 interest, so your monthly payment will be US$160 dollars plus take away tax VAT 19% US$30.40 mines 20% US$32 dollars; that we charge monthly equals US$97.60 dollars, this will be the monthly amount that you will get or transfer to any were around the world, until the person pay off or even if stops paying and is force to sale the property.

This is a guaranty 100% investment, and our commitment is to protect your money at all costs.

We got different types of mortgages in Colombia,

 this give us the opportunity to provide loans to our customer, some of them us little of US$5.000 to US$1’000.000

8. Mortgage Plan

It works as a long time investment with monthly payments from 5 to 30 years as you wish, just choose the property, all you need is the 50% deposit, and we will lend you the rest with a very competitive interest fee, plus we will manage the property for you; like putting your property on rent or simply looking after.

We have the best competitive interest rate at the Colombia Market,

we invite you to be part on such a good guaranty investment, open arms for you the customer

“We always prove any of the above with documents, videos and pictures on any progress or deals made by us, also we send original documents that the Colombian government provide directly to the investor anywhere around the world or we can keep them safe for you as requirement for a very small fee.”

How it works?

Pending on the one you have choose, we will plan the best way for you to avoid as many inconveniences as possible and let us do the hard work for you. Don’t delate, put in action your plan B or start improving your future, simply fill the form and let us do the rest.

After this, you will be contact by us; in order to complete the process. One can be as an individual or the other as legal entity either of those is complete private and confidential and you will have to choose if travel to Colombia, where one of our solicitors, will be waiting for you at the airport to company and support you in every step to the process of your investment.

Now if you are a busy person like so many of us, you can also choose to make the proses by popsy, this way the investor doesn’t have to go physically to Colombia and will do all the process from any Colombian consulate around the world to represent your wish in Colombia.

Proved of pictures, videos, etc., plus email of your documents, also originals will be sent to the address that you provide or Post box. You can check the Colombian governments website www.supernotariado.gov.co where you can verify your investment.

We also provide a complete confidence package, private and secure, call Buy to Manage legal entity which require only a document sign by you and our company them you will be provide with a secure password which will identify the investor by our own Security Department, this service is exclusive for customer that required complete confidentiality and privacy. These deeds and special password are kept on unknown guard place.

The Colombian government has made it incredibly easy for foreigners to invest in real estate. Your rights are the same as those of a local Colombian. Basically, all that you need are the funds and your passport, and you will be good to go. You have two options when it comes to buying real estate in Colombia:


Invest as an individual.

This option has the biggest pro of making you eligible for permanent residence. However, you will be missing out on privacy.


Invest as a legal entity.

This is the best option for those who want to purchase multiple properties to rent out. It is also great for those who do not want residency but also do not want their name on all kinds of official documents.

Once you have decided which way you are going, it is time to find that property and negotiate your heart out.  And here is where you might experience cultural shock: most of the deals are done in cash and you should not expect any kind of discount when you are paying this way.

Negotiating should help you get approximately 5-8% off the asking price, but not much more. And if the property has been on the market for a year or longer, expect no discount either.

If you have not been living in the country for longer than six months, you will need to register all the funds that you are transferring to Colombia as a foreign investment with the Bank of the Republic.


atractions in Risaralda Colombia

This is a very meticulous process, and you cannot afford to mess it up; you would be risking huge fines or even losing all your funds, and your residence permit not being granted. There is no Colombian real estate purchase scenario where we would recommend for you to go at it alone.

You should always hire a lawyer who can then help you navigate all the laws and the paperwork that is needed to complete a real estate purchase. And since not all lawyers have a solid understanding of the real estate law, you should vet yours carefully – we can help you do that. 

Similarly, you could hire a translator if your Spanish isn’t great, or simply find a lawyer who speaks fluent English to skip having yet another person tagging along with you. But be wary of the ‘gringo agents’ who will want to ‘do everything for you’, but then charge quite a big premium.

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