Atractions in Caldas Colombia

The Color Of My Reves Glamping

It is located a few minutes from the city of Manizales, in a high cloud forest of the Central Mountain Range of the Andes at 2,850 meters above sea level, along the old Nevado del Ruiz road. The Color of my Reves has 5 tents and 1 cabin specially equipped for cold climates in the area.

It is a place that few people know, but it is a place that if you must know and live, have contact with nature, no one can imagine the majesty of our landscapes, that is the magic of being in The Color of my Reves, sharing the warmth of people surrounded by a cloud forest in a luxurious tent amidst trees. It is a great place to disconnect from the city, which will make you live a true immersion in the forest and enjoy outdoor activities, each day has its charm, you can see incredible sunsets, which is why Manizales is known as the factory of beautiful sunsets.

You must experience listening to the river, feeling the texture of nature, and seeing the diversity of birds in an extreme landscape surrounded by forest and mountains.


  • The comfort of the beds, pillows, you will not feel cold they think of everything until ruanas leave for each one.
  • They give you the option of preparing coffee and chocolate in your tent, which if it runs out, they will supply it, you will only see the staff who are very friendly, when you need them for that they leave some radios where they are attentive to what you want.
  • You breathe fresh air, tranquillity, and peace.
  • Enjoy unimaginable sunrises and sunsets, the moon and the sun accompany you on this adventure.
  • Rain of shooting stars and the milky way are present so you can take the best photos.
  • Tour the mountains, conquer the forest, you can have a delicious picnic and other activities.
  • Make a bonfire enjoy a hot night.


  • The last part of the way to Glamping is so rocky and steep that the tents can only be reached with an off-road vehicle. Because of the road condition, their only source of food and drink is the glamping equipment.
  • If you do not speak Spanish, you might have a hard time communicating with the team. No member of the team speaks English. But the important thing is to connect and speak with the nature.


HERVEO TABLE (Nevado Del Ruiz) rosa de Cabal

It is located on the border between the departments of Tolima and Caldas, in Colombia. It is a stratovolcano composed of many layers of lava that alternate with hardened volcanic ash and other pyro clasts. It has been active for about two million years, since the early Pleistocene or late Pliocene, with three major eruptive periods. The formation of the volcanic cone formed during the current eruptive period began 150 thousand years ago.


The volcano is part of the Snowy National Natural Park and includes other snow-capped peaks such as Nevados del Tolima, Santa Isabel, El Cisne and Quindío, which are covered by glaciers that have been retreating significantly since 1985 due to global warming. The park is a popular tourist destination and includes several shelters for tourists; the slopes of the volcano are used for winter sports, and the Laguna del Otún, for trout fishing. Likewise, in the region there are some commercially operated Spas with Thermal Waters.


  • A magical place where you can enjoy the unique vegetation of this beautiful paradise.
  • In every part of the snow, you can see incredible things.
  • Get to know the Valley of the Frailejones, the birds, hot springs.
  • You can practice mountaineering, fishing and take walks on interpretive trails accompanied by guides.


  • Not being able to get to the glacier.
  • You can no longer see the snow that was seen in previous years.
  • What we have so close is not appreciated. 


  • To enter these sectors, it is recommended to always have endorsed guides and make reservations for the various tours in advance through the operators endorsed by the PNN Los Nevados.
  • To enter the Protected Area, you must organize your departure in advance since the operators have three business days to make the entry reservation.
  • Medical aspects must be considered when making this visit.

Polish Runner

A panoramic view of Manizales can be seen from the 104 meters high of the Polish Corridor, a platform at the top of the Basilica Cathedral of Manizales. The name of the circular hall is related to the tragic events that triggered the Second World War, which occurred in 1939 when Adolf Hitler invaded Poland while the construction of this church was being completed.


The Polish Corridor is as its name says a corridor located at the top of the central tower, which offers a panoramic view of the entire city. It was opened to the public in mid-1959 but was closed in 1977 due to lack of security measures and due to the poor condition of its wooden stairs, which were approximately 30 cm high and 40 cm wide, which reduced its size as it was promoted. It was reopened to the public in 2008, after a total overhaul of its security measures.


  • See the city from that height in
  • Historical value it has for the city.


  • Stairs are somewhat difficult.


  • Know the history, culture, architecture.
  • Not recommended for people who are afraid of heights.

Enclosure Of Thought

Enclosure of Thought is in Manizales, is the perfect place to enjoy an extraordinary wedding, it is an environment full of feeling and serenity, directly connected with nature, it projects you a wonderful stay on the most important day of your life to enjoy together to your loved ones and friends, with highly qualified spaces to comfortably gather each guest, amazing facilities that will give a different and very original touch to the event you always dreamed of.


In the Enclosure of Thought, it puts at your disposal a great work team to achieve the perfect setting in every corner of such a beautiful place, it offers you a charming chapel that you can use if you prefer, it has a hotel to have the opportunity to a pleasant stay, in turn it has a restaurant in its spaces with the preparation of the best dishes in the area to taste extraordinary combinations in an explosion of sublime flavours.


  • You can see exceptionally beautiful landscapes that the area has.
  • It has good attention to its visitors.
  • The connection with nature.
  • You have several alternatives.
  • Tranquillity and beauty in the same place.


  • The cost with other sites.
  • They must improve the service in some respects.


  • Visit the ecological trail, the bird viewpoint, the orchid forest.
  • Have availability to walk.
  • Have good hydration.
  • Have an open mind to know incredibly beautiful things.

The Yarumos Park


The Yarumos Park is a small piece of humid tropical forest, located within the head of the city of Manizales. It is a place where you can share with your family to spend an unforgettable day. Inside you can enjoy attractions such as: canyoning, climbing wall, ecological trail where you can appreciate the fauna and flora of the region, the adventures that are lived in this park are wonderful since you can see different species of birds. In addition, the latter can be organized in a special program, which takes place the first Saturdays of each month, and which is not only done in this, but in the entire network of Eco-Parks de Manizales. With a temperature of 16 degrees, and in the middle of a cloud forest that reaches 53.3 hectares in size, a new offer of adventure and nature tourism opens in it.


The guides in the park are prepared, and they are telling the stories of the trees that surround it, which is the Tree of the Yarumos, which is why its name and the meaning of the trails in the park have. You can appreciate the love we have for nature and live new experiences in places that can reactivate us from a routine life.

When you enter the Yarumos eco-park you will find a happy face that will tell you the beautiful things that you will see there, you will also find attractions and the Children’s Fair with mechanical attractions, recreational and environmental activities, and a lot of adrenaline to burn.

The eco-park is open from Tuesday to Sunday (and if it is a holiday Monday, from Wednesday), from 9 in the morning to 5:30 in the afternoon. Although it does not open on the first day of the week, due to maintenance, if a group wants to go, the park is only opened for them to do the tour.


  • There are spaces for all ages.
  • There is no fee to enter the park.
  • Although it is within the city in a small lung that gives us fresh air.
  • It is enjoyed with the family.
  • It is a place full of nature.
  • Now offers waterfall descent.
  • Have lots of fun availability. 


  • They need to work more on care and maintenance of the park.
  • It was closed for almost four years.


  • If you would like to do The Ecological Adventure, it is important to wear comfortable clothes, an additional change of clothes, because you will get dirty and wet.

Autumn Thermals

The Autumn Hot Springs are a source of thermal water rich in minerals thanks to the influence of the volcanic system of the Snowy Ruiz (Spanish: Nevado del Ruiz), in the place you can find a spa and massage area, a hotel restaurant and ecological routes.


It is a luxury that we can give ourselves in the middle of nature just 20 minutes from Manizales, enjoy its hot springs come from a depth of almost 2000 meters, when it reaches the surface, they reach a temperature of 50°C and 68°C, along the road to the Snowy Ruiz (Spanish: Nevado del Ruiz).

It is a dream that materialized in a wonderful paradise among the mountains that has an event and convention canter with different capacities each for the needs of the guests, acqua park and ecothermal, you can enjoy different scenarios to have a pleasant contact with nature, the pure air, enjoy a great rest to reflect.

It has beautiful gardens; it is a place that is strategically located for bird watching and surrounded by beautiful nature.

These waters come from underground layers of the Earth that are at higher temperatures, which are rich in different mineral components and allow their Therapeutic use (hydrotherapy) such as baths, inhalations, irrigations, and heating.

It can be enjoyed at the Acqua Park Thermals the Autumn with your family or friends while they enjoy the thermal contrast of the hot and cold waters. We have a space with four thermal pools and three fun slides.

Ferruginous waters:

They mainly have iron in their composition. Especially effective to alleviate deficiency states and liver ailments.

Chlorinated waters:

Present chlorine. They stimulate digestive secretions, among others.

Sulphurous and sulphurous waters:

With sulphide. Widely used in the field of medical hydrology, the former is acidic and muddy.

Sulfated waters:

Apart from sulphur, they can include sodium, calcium, magnesium or chlorine in their composition. It is widely used.

Bicarbonated waters:

With bicarbonate. Cold and alkaline. They are used in states of gastric acidity.


  • Thermal pools are known for their healing properties, as they not only provide a feeling of mental well-being, but also provide muscle relaxation.
  • Improves respiration and blood circulation.
  • The pools of hot springs are the perfect space to rest and provide well-being to the body.
  • There are different activities for young and old people and something in common.


  • Not all hot springs are medicinal since there are certain waters that serve only to provide tranquillity to the body.
  • People with skin infections cannot enter the hot springs.


  • When you want to get the most out of therapy, not only is a dive worth it, but it must also be done at least 15 consecutive days.
  • Do not stay for more than one hour in the pools.
  • Get out of the pool as often as necessary and take a cold bath to regulate blood pressure.

The Rochela


The Rochela is in the municipality of Palestina, Caldas, it is a setting for families to enjoy a day, a weekend staying in cabins, apartments or camping area. You can enjoy the different attractions that the park offers.

Being physically active is one of the best ways to keep your body and mind healthy. In many areas, people can go to parks, trails, and open spaces as an option to release stress, breathe fresh air, and stay active. While these areas can offer health benefits.


It has a modern infrastructure that allows sports, recreation, games, and healthy family fun. It has open spaces surrounded by nature, with courts and plates that allow the practice of different sports, swimming pools with all the regulatory measures that guarantee safety, places for free expression, the development of events and more options available to everyone.

The attractions are fishing and canoe lake, swimming pools for adults and children, sauna, Turkish bath, game room, soccer field in grass, many different things to do in La Rochela station, you do not get bored since there is a variety of activities to do inside the park.


  • It is a space to enjoyed with the family.
  • It is a family compensation fund and has great rates for its members.


  • It is a busy


  • Wear comfortable clothing.
  • A good sunscreen should be used.


Salamina is a municipality in the department of Caldas with 76 kilometres from Manizales, the journey takes approximately 2 hours. The first thing to know is its colonial and colourful streets, it is an ideal setting to photograph. Salamina is known as “The city of light” of Caldas because numerous poets, musicians, actors, and writers have come from there.



Likewise, you must visit the historic center, the Bolivar Square, the Chapel of Our Lady of Carmen, if you want to know a true coffee and party town, this place was declared a national monument for its architecture.

Salamina is very well positioned regarding culture, since the departmental Festival of Bands, The Night of Fire, is held annually, where there are fireworks, and candles everywhere, in addition to these 2 festivities have been part of the sources of tourism of Salamina.

This municipality is incredibly famous for making blankets, ruanas, gloves and many more objects with wool.

In Salamina the economic system revolves around mining, agriculture, livestock, fish and farming.


The main agricultural and labour-generating activity is coffee, associated with the banana that is produced for self-consumption, mainly. The sugar cane is next in importance to coffee and banana; potatoes, beans, corn, tomatoes, and blackberries are also grown.


In 1997, in Salamina there were 25,000 head of cattle of Creole, Norman and Holstein breeds for dairy production. The village of San Félix is ​​traditionally a cattle ranch and produces the milk that the municipality consumes and is sold to Manizales, Pereira and Medellín. Pig farming is underdeveloped, and poultry farming is concentrated in the temperate zone, reporting 15,000 hens and more than 2,000 broilers.

Fish culture: 

There are more than 60 ponds. An experimental fish farm was established in San Félix with a capacity of 30,000 fingerlings, which also functions as a distribution center. There are good results, and a significant trout potential is in sight.


  • You can talk to the population who can tell them the history of its architecture.
  • Their houses are very colonial.
  • It has different


  • Its climate is mostly cold.
  • It is far from the main city


  • Make a hotel reservation in advance.
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