Mythical Stories

The Jepa

The story goes that a man had a dream in which he found an animal in some bushes, so the next morning he told his wife and convinced her to go look for him, while they were working with firewood they heard the sound of something strange and it was a small animal with blue and red colors.

The man, despite his wife’s warnings, decided to keep it and put it in a little water, the next day, type 5 in the morning, he found it with much more water and so he spent other days, the old man gave him the name Jepa. After all this he decides to take it out of the house and take it to a shallow puddle, several days later he saw it again and he did find it full of water.

Therefore, man began to feed it with ground flour, banana, corn and whatever he found, after six months he went from being a small animal to becoming a larger animal with a fish tail and the puddle continued to grow more and more.

In four years the animal with the puddle grew too much, at the age of ten it grew almost 15 meters, the man decided to place a drum to be able to call him at mealtime and it would approach the shore, feed it with everything was on his way, so time passed until the animal went home for food.

The man and his wife went to eat fish on the beach while his four children stayed home with the warning not to play the drum they had kept. The youngest son decides to play the drum so he makes the animal approach for food without receiving anything in return, the Jepa came out and entered the water several times, the third time he played the drum the animal was already furious and ate everything he found in his path from the house to all the animals even the children.

The long-awaited furious returns to the house with the intention of killing him, but does not find how to do it, so he decides to take him elsewhere so that he does not continue to cause more damage, he leaves him in the San Juan river and from there it is said that that great animal lives in the depths of that river, destroying everything in its path.

The Cacica Andica

The indigenous people have always been a fundamental part of our Colombian territory and are an important part of our history, the indigenous people have been characterized by living in community and having mutual support among their participants, managing to preserve today several tribes that make up large groups of families.

In Risaralda in the municipality of Apia, its residents say that many years ago there was a very powerful indigenous woman called Cacica Andica, she was in charge of directing a large number of people to achieve their proper functioning in community, she demanded that its inhabitants do Offerings in tribute to their beliefs in order to free themselves from evil and all those things that they could overthrow with their mandate.

The inhabitants of her had great respect for the chief which allowed him to dominate her people, it was even said that she was a woman with great powers and capable of harming anyone who was against her ideals.

Today they comment that the cacica appears in this municipality where her community has buried her treasure, and all in order to prevent the whites from appropriating them and at the same time discovering her great secrets.


The Llorona From Quebrada Negra

Many years ago in the black ravine in Risaralda a very beautiful young woman, who was persecuted by many men from that region, fell in love with a young peasant and love led her to give herself to the one who made her pregnant. When the beautiful young woman decides to tell her boyfriend about her pregnancy, he abandons her and runs away from the region without leaving any trace, so she was desperate for what they will say and disappointed by the abandonment of her beloved, decides to go to a person in the region who knew of concoctions and many black tricks to help her prevent pregnancy.

She effectively gets an abortifacient concoction that would allow her to get rid of her son, she drinks it near her at the ravine and there she commits the crime on the shore. Her son was swept away by the current and instantly disappeared. Her sadness seized her causing her to throw herself into the deep and mighty waters where she drowned.

She finally tells the legend that today the beautiful young woman can be heard crying at night near that ravine, she desperately screams for her son and many people from the town have managed to hear her and run in terror.

The Giant Fish

La Virginia Risaralda is a municipality in the department of Risaralda 34 kilometers from its capital that had its tourist development in 1905. Its inhabitants say that in the Risaralda river when the water level drops for summer seasons, it is possible to observe the sail of a ship that sank there without any cause, at the same time its inhabitants tell that a gigantic bocachico fish appears that lights up at night.

The fishermen of this area warn that it is a fish with the ability to completely devour a man, the curiosity to know this strange and terrifying fish is so great that they have tried to fish it with butcher hooks, an arsenal of weapons, but it is so strong and great that they have not succeeded.

There are several things that have mysteriously disappeared in this river, so it generates a lot of uncertainty among its inhabitants since they think that at any moment this animal may appear and try to devour the entire town.

The Three-Legged Mula

From the time when Risaralda was called Sopinga after a river that passed through the area, a man who was riding near said river fell and stayed there for a long time without anyone helping him, so he drowned.

According to legend, there were people who could help him, but who never did so, so the angry man decides to take revenge by riding a three-legged mule at 12 at night, scaring people and making the horseshoes sound loudly, it is also said that the mule looks like from another planet, it is big and has eyes as if it had fire.

In addition to that, many people recommend not following them since those who have tried have never returned.

Alto Del Chuzo A Haunted Mountain

This is a pyramid-shaped mountain that used to communicate with Marseille, the residents say that strange events occur there, such as the presence of a hen with golden chicks, the sound of the bells that could be heard several kilometers away and that at the same time the place shook, there are also people who say they see fire among the mountains at some times of the year and finally they believe that there is a portal to access another dimension.

They are stories told by people who have lived through the situation, people who have great fear and respect for what happened, because for them that is a reality, they assure that it is true, that everything they say that happens in this place is true and that also their visitors have managed to perceive them.

Very old people tell several stories that they have heard, but at the same time have lived, so they recommend to people passionate about mysterious things to visit this place as they ensure a true adventure.

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