Atractions in Risaralda Colombia

bioparque Ukumarí

The Ukumari Biopark, is a tourist place where you can find a diversity of plants and animals, there you can interact with a great variety of species, learn about their stories and customs, the animals that are there, have a wide and pleasant space, there are no bars, on the contrary, they can move comfortably throughout the place. This is located at Km 14, south bank, of the road that leads Pereira Risaralda, leads to the Village of Cerritos just 8 km from the Matecaña airport.

This park has an area of ​​820.00 square meters, being one of the largest in Latin America, you can find signposted trails that offer scientific information to visitors about the species and is manufactured for the purpose that the species feel as close as possible to reality.


Advantages and benefits:

  • Get to know a great variety of plants and animals.
  • Breathe fresh air during the tour.
  • It has comfortable rates for entry.
  • It has large areas for mobilization.


  • It is not finished.
  • Some animals are missing.


  • Since it is located totally in the open sky, good sunscreen should be used.
  • Pets are not allowed.
  • It is recommended to wear comfortable clothes.
  • The entry of alcoholic beverages is not allowed.

Termales de San Vicente - Santa rosa de Cabal

The San Vicente Hot Springs are a source of thermal water rich in minerals thanks to the influence of the volcanic system of Los Nevados National Park, there the water enters the depths of the earth and is expelled out of the area, in the place you can find a spa and massage area, hotel, restaurant and ecological routes.


This is located 10 km from Santa Rosa de Cabal, in Risaralda, it has five different pools, suitable for all types of people, it is a magical place where you can enjoy an unforgettable moment.

Advantages and benefits:

  • It has good vehicular access.
  • It has wide spaces.
  • Customer service is exceptionally good.
  • It is a place to relax.


  • The restaurant is expensive.
  • They do not offer variety on the menu.
  • It is a busy place.


  • You should not be in the water for more than 20 minutes at a time.
  • Wear comfortable clothing.

Belén de Umbría

Belen de Umbria is a municipality in the department of Risaralda 70 km from the city of Pereira, its population is approximately 32,000 inhabitants, with an approximate temperature of 23°C, near municipalities such as Anserma and Vitermo.

The best-known place is the Eliseo Bolívar Archaeological Museum where around a thousand pre-Columbian pieces of clay are kept from the region, there are also temples, monuments, wall paintings, squares, parks, and natural sites.


  • It is a place that has different festivities.
  • Its inhabitants are very friendly.
  • Its architecture is very traditional.
  • It has good places to stay.


  • The climate varies a lot.
  • It is far from the capital.


  • Make a reservation at the hotel of your choice.


Marsella, is a town in the department of Risaralda that has a coffee landscape that can be seen on its roads, it is known as the municipality of green in Colombia because of the different streams that cross it, there we can find the municipal natural park of La Nona where the Peanut and Zurrumbo streams are observed.


  • You can talk quietly with its population, who tell stories of the place.
  • It is located just 30Km from the capital.
  • You can meet about 516 plant and species.


  • The climate is varied


  • Mobilize preferably during the day, due to the flow of animals on the road.

Coffee tour “Finca del café”

Coffee Tour (finca del café) is located in the Guacas village in Risaralda, it is a coffee-producing farm, where you can enjoy an excellent walk along its trails, accompanied by experts in coffee production who can teach you processes that go from the recognition of the seed, of how the drying, roasting, harvesting, grinding, tasting is carried out until the most anticipated moment, which is to enjoy a good coffee, the tour is done by stations and lasts from 2 to 3 hours.

Among the experiences that you can live in Finca del Café Coffee Tour is Luna de Café where you are gathered around a bonfire with good music, storytellers and troubadours, during the event you will find liquor, canelazo and special coffee.


This spectacular place also offers a Rural Hotel, equipped with 8 large, comfortable, and clean rooms, each with a private bathroom and a social area with three meeting rooms with other guests equipped with fireplaces and books so that you can enjoy a pleasant and quiet environment. In addition to this, you will find an indoor living room with Jacuzzi, swimming pool, gardens with flowers, fruits, and the best coffee landscape.


  • Spectacular place.
  • Knowing the coffee process.
  • Appreciating the wonders of the coffee cultural landscape.
  • Interacting with its guides, administrators, and owners who are passionate people.
  • Live different and unique experiences of this beautiful region.


  • It is far from other tourist spots and you need private transport to access it since it does not have good public transport service.


  • Wear comfortable clothes.
  • Carry a lot of liquids.
  • Good shoes since the weather can vary.

The botanical garden of the university of pereira UTP

The Botanical Garden of the University of Pereira is a center for research, conservation and environmental education, It is located in the Vereda La Julia, via Mundo Nuevo in the city of Pereira Risaralda, it is one of the largest gardens in western Colombia that has managed to consolidate a 2,449-square-meter visitor center, a 3,714-square-meter nursery,offices, kiosks,

kitchens, bathrooms, parking lots and green areas that achieves a special atmosphere in this city, several tours can be made since it has a wide path that allows easy walking, in addition there are adventure sports, such as high ropes games and canopy for people of all ages.

Additionally, recreational, educational, and academic activities can also be carried out for all children, the academic and sporting events that take place there are an excellent option for your meetings.

The garden has an extensive area of ​​wild ecosystem, guadua, humid and secondary ecosystem, you can see a large number of bird species and several species of trees, such as oak, curly cumin, black cedar, mountain cedar, pinwheel that are on the way to extinction.

This garden gives us the advantage of breathing pure air, allows us to know, love, respect, and value nature more, its guides are well trained in all subjects and the cost in general is cheap to live an unforgettable experience.

Its climate can vary, so you have to be prepared for both a sunny day and a cold day. It is suggested that all visitors have comfortable clothes and shoes for its extensive tour.

Consotá Pereira Park

Consotá is a recreational park located at Km 11 via Pereira, this park offers you the opportunity to live unforgettable experiences with your family and friends, being surrounded by the diversity of coffee and your loved ones is priceless.

Consotá has a path where you will learn about the ancestral culture of our land, you will learn about its cultures and ancestors, this tour will make you feel like you are in another lot for a moment.

Coffee grinding is another experience that you can live if you visit Consotá, experience the gastronomy and enjoy the best landscape and coffee in the world.


Additionally, you will find Noah’s Farm, you will know, learn, and enjoy the animal life of a farm full of spectacular species, interacting and being part of that world will be a great experience for your little ones, who are in a world of knowledge.

For the parents who give their lives for us, who get up every day to work with effort and dedication to give us the best, they will find an area where they can de-stress and play a game with family or friends.

The benefits of visiting Consotá are that you will not have time to get bored, there is always something new and different to do, since it has great attractions such as fishing lakes, slides, lazy river, wave pool, restaurant, etc.

It is a park that attracts many visitors, so it is sometimes difficult to enjoy all the attractions due to its long and unordered lines; the park does not offer a map to provide a better location which makes it more difficult to find the attractions.


  • Take good care of your belongings, since too many people attend
  • Use a bathing suit because it is not allowed to enter the pools in other types of clothing.

Tatamá Parks

Tatamá is a virgin moor, located between the departments of Choco, Valle del Cauca and Risaralda, it has a reserve area of ​​more than 51 thousand hectares, it protects lagoons, rivers and streams that supply several municipalities of Risaralda, this park has jungle where there are several species of animals and plants important to the ecosystem and in turn supplies the aqueducts of at least 9 populations.


The entrance to the park is made by the Montebello Path, in the municipality of Pueblo Rico in Risaralda and it is the only authorized place, the entrance is made at 6:00 a.m. until 5:00 pm.

In Tatamá you can carry out activities such as walks in which the fauna and flora of the area are observed diversity, when visiting this place, you will have the pleasure of knowing great glacial valleys in which there is vegetation of the moor, knowing 63 species of declared birds endangered and see pumas, panthers, etc.


  • The climate varies a lot when it is rainy season it is difficult to see many animals.


  • To enter the park, you must make a prior reservation with the tour operator.
  • You must know the biosecurity protocols.
  • You cannot enter plastics, bottles, straws, containers, plates, cutlery.
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