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Simple and easy we got many property owners looking for a loan, the investor will provide the money with a mortgage guaranty call (Hipoteca de Primer Grado) in this case the owner will start due monthly payments on interest only, we deduct a monthly commission for running and managing your investment (Hipoteca de Primer Grado).

The investor can choose, to do it directly by popsy or by our private company Title.

If the person that took the loan stop paying at any time, our solicitors will start the proceed to recover the money, by the Colombian law the owner it is force to sale the property in auction to pay the loan, this is controlled by the Colombian authorities and this procedure can take between 1 to 2 years, to be approve but after the sale the full amount of money plus the interest will be given back.

How much we charge; every loan is different, the interest varied from 1.6% to 2.3% and we charge 20% of the monthly payment for the numbers of years that the person takes to pay off, usually between it takes from 1 to 5 years limit.


The investor provides US$ 10.000 dollars for the mortgage (Hipoteca de Primer Grado) on 1.6 interest, so your monthly payment will be US$160 dollars plus take away tax VAT 19% US$30.40 mines 20% US$32 dollars; that we charge monthly equals US$97.60 dollars, this will be the monthly amount that you will get or transfer to any were around the world, until the person pay off or even if stops paying and is force to sale the property.

This is a guaranty 100% investment, and our commitment is to protect your money at all costs.

Plus Profit

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